NEWPRS (Northeastern Wisconsin Property Reporting System)

Open Records Requests

NEWPRS contains transaction and item information provided to law enforcement from pawn / secondhand businesses. Under Wisconsin statute, this information is not releasable except to other law enforcement agencies. The applicable text of state statute 134.71 (8)(e) is below.

Report to law enforcement agency. Within 24 hours after purchasing or receiving a secondhand article or secondhand jew­elry, a pawnbroker, secondhand article dealer or secondhand jew­elry dealer shall make available, for inspection by a law enforce­ment officer, the original form completed under par. (c) 1. or the inventory under par. (c) 2., whichever is appropriate. Notwith­standing s. 19.35 (1), a law enforcement agency receiving the original form or inventory or a declaration of ownership may dis­close it only to another law enforcement agency.

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